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Main St. I Res. II AC - P.

V AC - [Res. Jester Blvd.

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ROUTE 9. ROUTE 7. Every gesture we make in life is either a firm or faltering step toward happiness, something we interpret in terms of what we do not have. Those of us who are poor in material things, seek wealth. The sick know that happiness lies in health. The lonely want companionship; the harassed are eternally seeking the solitud. Happiness is interpreted always in terms of the things we do not have. What would life be without loyalty? Loyalty is the finest fibre in the human breast it awards alike the humble and the great makes the small man big and big men bigger.

Take loyalty from the heart of a saint and von have the likeness of a devil. The greatest thing in life is man's loyalty to many - loyalty to the friend who protected him when his character was being assailed that heart quality of true manhood true Odd Fellowship that innate stamp of dominique Wavre suisse anti aging play which prompts us to hand out the square deal instead of the double cross.

Loyalty to the friend who knows all about you and still loves you. We need no law; no jury, or no judge to tell us when we are wrong. We need but heed the instant signal from within to condemn a thought intention or an act that is not square. The world's best definition of loyalty and honesty is engraved upon the heart of every man, and is jak si vyrobit vráskový krém retraced by each beating pulse.

The reward for loyalty and honesty is in the nobleness of the act itself the most bitter penalty for its disregard is the insistent whispered hissing of the soul. We have all heard that phrase at certain times in our lives.

Well, this editor is a victim of plans made and changed by Mother Nature, also.

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We have had a number of telephone calls asking why we did not attend, so we will explain very briefly - Early Sunday morning, in the wee hours, our older son, Terry. It was Sunday, and everyone knows how that goes; in the afternoon, we got the prescriptions filled and no Czech Day!

We hope that explains our absence; we missed all who attended.

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From the name, one immediately gathers that here is a group of dominique Wavre suisse anti aging class people who decide to live "like the Joneses" or the "uppercrust.

We hope to see it. More next week. Families are asked to bring basket-style food enough for your family. Plates, forks, knives, napkins and cups will be furnished. Coffee and tea will be furnished, also. Soft drinks will not be furnished; you may bring your own, if you so desire. If your family has some talent they would like to perform and share for entertainment, please come prepared.

Be sure to circle the date of the family reunion on your calendar and come out to have a good time. Wilbert Kalina, Pres. It will begin with a memorial mass at the Guardian Angel Church at a. Please try to attend. Houston, Texas 1 The meeting will start promptly at 1 p. There is a youth program being planned and it will be presented before 2 p.

For the youth in the district, there is an activity planned for in the afternoon, so do come and see what is planned. The lodge banners will be displayed, be sure to bring your lodge banner. There will be a sausage dinner, with all the trimmings served from a. Come for dinner and stay for the meeting at 1 p.

The day will conclude with a dance from 5 to 9 p. We hope to have a good attendance for all day and for the dance. See you there on October 26th. The tentative schedule is as follows: Registration upon arrival Meeting called to order at 1 p. The youth club will meet at 2 p. This will be the last regular meeting before the annual meeting in November. The meeting was well-attended and we are grateful to those who came. The minutes of the last meeting were read; also, the treasurer's report was given by Sister Viola Mazac.

The membership was asked to consider very much to attend this meeting.

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It was further voted on that anyone who would furnish VESTNIK 4 their transportation and have at least four riders, the expenses would be paid by the lodge. Secretary Netek spoke on the lodge participating in projects where all the members could be a part of, if so desired such as: having a bus chartered and going to visit the members in the S. Rest Homes, visiting the museum at the Supreme Lodge Headquarters in Temple, and many other areas of interest.

He mentioned that many of the members are in the age bracket where they don't get around too much, and they would enjoy such a venture; also many of them have not visited the State Capitol nor the Lyndon Johnson Ranch, and other areas that are part of our history in Texas in which most of them are within a mile radius from San Antonio.

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We should not only talk about it, but we should do something about it. The saying it's later than you think is very true. Doing things together has a tendency to bring the members closer together. In general you practice "Fraternalism" on a dominique Wavre suisse anti aging, which is enjoyable to yourself and you also see more results in your lodge.

Vestnik 10 15 by SPJST - Issuu

Our next meeting will be held Sunday, October 19 at S. Gevers, at 2 p. We urge all the members to attend. A great party is planned for our Christmas Holidays. The Czech Choral Club meets every third Friday at p. Anyone interested in singing the beautiful Czech songs, is always welcome. Come out and try us; you will like it.

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The attendance was good, with many guests who were at our lodge for the first time. We appreciate all you members inviting your friends to enjoy our lodge.

It really was a shock oční krém recenze hear about Faye Hamlin, who died dominique Wavre suisse anti aging a heart attack; she was only 50 years old.

Faye had a good health record and never had heart problems before and she appeared to be of best of health; that shows we don't know when our time comes. A dominique Wavre suisse anti aging wanting to become a sales representative has to be a member for at least one year and has to be approved by the local lodge and also Supreme Lodge Home Office in Temple.

It won't be any problem once you are approved. I will be happy to get anybody started and give them all the information I know about the classes of life insurance that the SPJST,Society has to offer. In addition, I will be glad to perform my service free to whomever is interested. SPJST has the best insurance I know of with so much other benefits that other life insurance companies do not offer; and dominique Wavre suisse anti aging the reason I would like to see it spread around in our area of the State of Texas.

Those of you who are ill, get well and look forward for a happy life. Until next time Fraternally, Chester Shmoldas -SP.

Our most sincere sympathy to the families of these loved ones. May our departed brothers rest in peace. Brother Ed Trochta lived in the Louise area and was a retired automobile dealer. Brother Dorman Nickels lived in the Wharton area and was a retired county judge.

Brother Gilbert Hafernick lived in the Hillje area and was a retired farmer. Secretary Albert Kresta, Sr. At our monthly meeting, it was discussed that we needed to paint our chairs in the hall; so, on Thursday night, September 18, several of our members got their painting clothes on and painted chairs.

Everyone worked very hard and a nice job was done.

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There were seven members present and one visitor at our monthly meeting. Our next meeting was set for October 12, at 2 p. The reports and minutes were read and approved. A Cleanup Day was discussed. Each family is asked to bring enough chicken for their families and the men will barbecue it. Please have them at the hall no later than 3 p.

Supper will be served at p. Let's support our local lodge. Come out for an evening of fellowship, fun and food.

Supplements I Take - Dominique Sachse

We then remained standing for a moment of silence for our deceased members. Secretary Nelda Marek read the minutes and correspondence: a thank you note from the family of Brother Alton J. Fojtasek for the flowers, and a note from Sister Faye Hudson dominique Wavre suisse anti aging was the winner of the ceiling fan that the youth club gave away in a drawing.

Sister Faye said she was glad to be a winner and thanked the youth club and also praised them in the good work they have been doing. Our candidate Queen Kelli Andel and her Duchess Diane Wednesday, October 15, Dorner did not win, but that we should be proud of Kelli who did a good job presenting her speech.

We are proud of you Kelli for getting that far and representing our lodge so well in State. Brother Wilburn Murrow, a volunteer fireman at Rogers, brought a poster to hang in the hall announcing the sale of barbecue tickets, it will be held at the Rogers Civic Center, Saturday, the 18th from 4 to 8 p. You may purchase tickets at Red Ranger Store or any fireman. I believe they also will be selling tickets at the door, however, it makes it easier if they know in advance how many to prepare for.

Our interest in our lodge should be insurance and how to grow in that way. He introduced State Field Manager Gene McBride and said that he would be attending our sessions to help us learn more about our insurance program. Dominique Wavre suisse anti aging are glad so many were interested to attend these sessions and we want to invite any member who may vyléčit kapsy pod očima to learn more about insurance, not only as sales representatives or as someone who wants to become one.

Selling insurance is every member's duty to tell people about our insurance and then refer them to our sales representatives; by this way, we can reach more people and our lodge will grow.

We set the dates for our sessions on Wednesdays: October 15 and 29, and November 5, at p. We are glad he is part of this organization. On a happy note: we planned a social to burn up the mortgage papers because we paid up the hall, so we wanted to celebrate.

They presented, to the members, to have it Sunday, November 9 at 3 p. We had no October anniversary celebrants, but I forgot one in September. All members having birthdays and anniversaries this month: "Best Wishes" go out to all of you. The next meeting, which will be our election of officers, will be held Wednesday, November 12 at 7 p.

This is your privilege to exercise your rights and vote. I hope to see you all there!