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I achieved those measurings by counting film shots by hand-clicker, by processing the number of shots in special software or by making a shot-by-shot analysis.

To calculate the average shot length i.

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ASL, a concept created by Barry SaltI measure the length of the film in seconds 24fps in case of sound films and then divide it by the number of counted shots.

In my database, it is possible to find more than measurings of more or epidemie Gripp 20suisse anti aging contemporary films from many countries.

  • SLOVNÍK MEZINÁRODNÍCH SLOV interlingue-český
  • Я уверена, что нашим детям будет интересно послушать одну из ваших историй, - сказала Николь Арчи.

Besides the fact that you can find here hundreds of ASL measurings of movies from the last decades, the database is fairly unique from at least three other reasons.

Secondly, it covers a large number of films from Eastern European countries. Thirdly, it consists of a lot of entirely rare silent films from the s all around the world.

Ve slovech řec. Slabiky di, ti, ni vyslovujeme tvrdě: [dy, ty, ny]. Dvě samohlásky vedle sebe jako dvě vyslovit: cooperar [ko-operar], leer [le-ér]. Z dvojitých souhlásek se druhá vyslovuje jenom tehdy, vyslovuje-li se jinak než první: acceptar [akceptar], lettre [letre]. Přízvuk spočívá zpravidla na poslední slabice zavřené souhláskou: familie, lingue, motor, altri, ne však na slabikách bil, ic, im, ul, které jsou nepřízvučné a přesouvají přízvuk na předcházející slabiku: automobil, electric, ultim, regul, i kdyby to byla slabika bil, ic, im nebo ul.

Since I am updating the database a few times a month, it is going to continue growing larger. It is needed to point out that very ASL values themselves are not the final results of any research.

Those values are meant to be used as tools for further analysis.

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For what kinds of research may ASL be used? In the case of a particular film, the very ASL value will help us to get a rudimentary awareness of its editing pattern, but it will not tell much more.

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On the other hand, by the force of ASL values or shot counts, we can gain a lot of various and inspiring suggestions for stylistic spánková maska​​ proti stárnutí in case of groups of films.

The mere fact that certain films of a particular director or period, region, company, genre, etc.

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That is because identical or similar ASL value can be caused just by a significantly different configuration of longer or shorter shots. However, it is worthwhile to consider the similarities in the case of rather high and rather low ASL values — assessed against the background of the relevant norms.

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Nevertheless, more remarkable and predictable is when we find out that certain films of a particular director or period, region, company, genre, etc. These different ASL values imply a notable variability of creative choices that filmmakers made. Since that we can put forward many research questions. I do believe that my database offers extensive as well as reliable background for such questions.

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