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This field marshal came from a military frontier family from Croatian Umetic. In he joined the Budapest 52nd Infantry Regiment as Lieutenant.

At the age of 22, he participated in a military campaign in Bosnia, where he distinguished himself in fighting for Sarajevo.

In he graduated from the General Staff school and became a teacher of tactics at the Theresian Military Academy in Winer Neustadt. After Italy´s war declaration, he was posted to the  Isonzo  front as commander of the 5th Army, with which he fought eleven battles on  Isonzo.

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Upon their completion, he took part in the offensive at Piave in October During the final fighting on the Italian front in he commanded a group of troops bearing habsbourg suisse anti aging name.

A final promotion to field marshal ensued in Following the collapse of Austria-Hungary, Boroevic retired in December After the war, his personal property was confiscated by his compatriots. The Croatian government refused to grant him a pension, so he lived in poor conditions, existing only from a small stipend from the Military Order of Maria Theresa in Klagenfurt.

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There he died of a heart attack. In his remains were transferred to Vienna, where they were entombed with the front soldiers in the arcades of the Vienna Central Cemetery.

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