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PLoS Med 15 3 : e Introduction Despite some progress made in recent years, infant mortality rates in the US continue to be high compared to other high-income countries maltraitance animale suisse anti aging. According to the latest estimates, the US currently ranks 44th among countries of all income levels, with an infant mortality rate of 5. While the high rates of prematurity and prematurity-related mortality in the US have been well documented in the literature [2,3], the US performs comparably to other high-income countries when it comes to the survival of preterm infants.

Fig 1 compares gestation-specific mortality rates in the US and 6 leading European countries in terms of low infant mortality rates with data available for On average, infant mortality appeared to be very similar for premature births in the US and in these European countries.

The same was not true for children born after 36 weeks of gestation, where children born in the US faced more than twice the mortality risk of children in European countries with low infant mortality rates odds ratio [OR] 2.

Relative mortality risk in the US and Europe by gestational age category. Sources: Euro-Peristat, US birth and death records, author calculations. Gestational age in both the Euro-Peristat and US data is based on the best obstetrical estimate available, which in most cases corresponds to first trimester ultrasound.

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ES, effect size. In this study, we used complete and geocoded birth records from the period — to better understand the high burden of mortality among full-term infants in the US.

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We identified the main causes underlying the high mortality rates among full-term infants overall in the aggregate data in a first step, and then explored differences in actual and potential birth outcomes across US states in a maltraitance animale suisse anti aging step. By first reviewing the causes of death in this population, we could identify the main risk factors for infants in this generally low-risk population, and could clearly distinguish maltraitance animale suisse anti aging relative importance of preexisting conditions such as malformations relative to perinatal and post-neonatal conditions those arising in the 28— days after birth.

In order to provide a better sense of feasible outcomes in this population, we estimated and compared cause-specific full-term mortality rates at the state level both unconditional and conditional on maternal characteristics. While these state-level comparisons did not allow us to identify the specific reasons why certain states have particularly high rates of mortality, they did allow us to identify areas where major improvements were possible in principle.

Methods Study design The study was designed as a cross-sectional study using birth and death records of all infants born in the US between January 1,and December 31, No pre-analysis plan was developed for this study. The main objective of the project was to identify the primary causes underlying the high infant mortality rates observed in the US nationally as well as at the state level.

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Data sources Linked birth and death records including restricted geographic identifiers were obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics NCHS for the years to Outcome measures Our primary outcome measure of interest was the infant mortality rate among full-term births defined as the number of deaths per 1, children born alive between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation within the first year of their life.

For the purpose of this study, we used the traditional definition of full-term, which includes early-term 37 and 38 weeksfull-term 39 maltraitance animale suisse anti aging 40 weekslate-term 41 weeksand some post-term 42 weeks births according to the more recent definition of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee on Obstetric Practice [5].

To adjust for differential outcomes in this relatively wide 5-week gestational window, we controlled for differences in gestational age by including binary indicators for gestational age category 37 weeks, 38 weeks, 41 weeks, 42 weeks in our multivariable analysis, maltraitance animale suisse anti aging the more narrow, revised full-term definition 39 and 40 weeks as our reference group.

Gestational age was computed by the NCHS based on last menstrual period reported by the mother. To ensure gestational age was not measured differentially across states, we compared prematurity rates with rates of low birth weight in the full sample at the state level. The correlation of these measures at the state level was 0. Causes of death for all children who died under the age of 1 year were based on death certificates, which are required to be completed by either a coroner or medical examiner in all US states, following CDC guidelines.

Even though regulations vary by state, deaths due to violence or suspicious circumstances are further investigated and certified by a medical legal maltraitance animale suisse anti aging [6]. Some more disaggregated statistics for major causes of deaths such as SIDS were also computed as described further below. Exclusion criteria Children born prior to 37 or after 42 weeks of gestation were excluded from this study. All other children born alive in the US between January 1,and December 31,including multiple births and children born with malformations not reported in the NCHS datasetwere analyzed in krém proti vráskám s hadím jedem study.

As for smoking, mothers reported the average number of cigarettes smoked per day during their first, second, and third trimesters.

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We used indicators for previous diagnosis of diabetes, chronic hypertension, and eclampsia as provided in the dataset. Further details of all these variables are provided in S1 Table. The remaining groups were defined by sequentially adding 0. In a second step, we decomposed mortality differences at the group level by cause of death.

Third, we used multivariable regression models to assess the extent to which survival oční korektor proti stárnutí across states can be attributed to observable differences in maternal and birth characteristics. To do so, we first ran multivariable logistic models comparing infants born in the states with the highest mortality rates to infants born in the states with the lowest mortality rates.

We estimated 3 separate models: a first model, where we did not adjust for any covariates; a second model, where we adjusted for maternal characteristics outlined in the covariates section above; and a third model proposed by a reviewerwhere we adjusted for maternal characteristics and birth characteristics gestational age, infant sex, birth weight, and multiple birth.

Model 2 was estimated to assess the extent to which state-level differences can be maltraitance animale suisse anti aging to local variation in maternal characteristics such as age, education, race, and health status.

Model 3 was estimated to assess the extent to which subsequent mortality differentials were explained by local variation in the prevalence of multiple births as well as differences in birth weight and the distribution of gestational age.

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In all 3 models, each observation corresponded to a child born full-term in the sample period. To assess the overall contribution of state-level characteristics to variation in FTIMR, we also estimated multilevel logistic models where we nested individual observations within states, and then estimated between-state variance in unconditional models as well as in models conditioning on maternal and birth characteristics.

Results A total 10, children born full-term in the US between January 1,and December 31,were analyzed.

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FTIMR was 2. All estimates are for full-term infants born in — FTIMR, full-term infant mortality rate. Fig 3 compares early neonatal death in the first 6 days after birthlate neonatal death between 7 and 27 days after birthand post-neonatal death 28— days after birth mortality rates across mortality groups. While only relatively minor differences were found with respect to early neonatal mortality, large absolute and relative differences were found for the maltraitance animale suisse anti aging period, with an average of 9.

Group-specific mortality by age of death. The figure maltraitance animale suisse anti aging the number of infant deaths per 10, full-term births in the US by period and overall mortality group states grouped on the basis of FTIMR: good, 1. Early neonatal mortality is defined as death in the first 6 days after birth. Late neonatal mortality is defined as deaths between 7 and 27 days after birth, and post-neonatal mortality is defined as death 28 to days after birth.

Fig 4 summarizes the main causes of full-term infant mortality FTIM. The mortality risk due to congenital malformations increased from 5. The risk of SUDI was 5. Observed absolute mortality differences between FTIMR groups were smallest for perinatal conditions, with an estimated mortality rate of 2.

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Cause-specific mortality rates. The figure shows the total number of deaths by FTIMR group for the years — as well as the percentage of deaths in each group in the different cause-of-death categories. In S1 and S2 Figs, we provide further details on the primary causes of congenital malformations.

The 2 most common causes of deaths due to congenital malformation were Edwards syndrome and congenital malformations of the heart, which accounted for In terms of the underlying causes of SUDI, S8 Fig summarizes the relative importance of the 4 mortality groups in the neonatal, late neonatal, and post-neonatal periods.

Congenital malformations accounted for Perinatal conditions accounted for In the post-neonatal period—which accounted for the majority of deaths overall The table shows unadjusted OR estimates and OR estimates adjusted for the full set of covariates summarized in S1 Table.

When we adjusted for maternal age, education, race, and measures of health status, estimated risk differentials declined for all risk factors, with the largest declines for SUDI, where estimated OR fell from 2.

In general, differences between models 2 adjusting for maternal characteristics only and 3 maltraitance animale suisse anti aging for maternal characteristics and birth characteristics were small and not statistically significant. Model 3 adjusts for maternal characteristics and birth characteristics including gestational age, infant sex, birth weight, and multiple birth.

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In Table 2, we show estimated state variability in mortality outcomes based on multilevel logistic models. State-level variation was highest for SUDI estimated state-level variance 0.

These state-level differences were reduced substantially for all causes when we controlled for differences in maternal and birth characteristics, with particularly large reductions for SUDI, where estimated state variability dropped to 0.

Variation on logit scale in cause-specific mortality between US states estimated using the random intercept logistic model. Estimates show state-level variation in mortality outcomes. The results of the fully specified model are displayed in S4 Table. Table 3 shows estimated annual FTIM for our 2 hypothetical scenarios.

Estimated preventable deaths among full-term births. Based on an estimated 3. The best state estimates are from Vermont congenital malformations, 2. Discussion The results presented in this paper show a large gap in the survival probabilities of full-term infants born in the US compared to European countries with low under-5 mortality rates. Given that survival rates among preterm infants in the US were found to be very zbavit se kritiky to those of the same European countries as illustrated in Fig 1clinical care during or immediately after delivery likely does not explain much of the maltraitance animale suisse anti aging gap observed.

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From a policy perspective, deaths due to malformations are quite different from deaths classified as SUDI. In terms of the overall magnitude, we found malformation-specific FTIMRs of less than 3 per 10, live births in some states, Pentathlon moderně suisse anti aging as Vermont and New Jersey, and rates 3 times higher in quite a few states in the Mississippi delta and surrounding states see S2 Fig for details.

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Globally, WHO estimates suggest thatchildren die annually during the neonatal period due to congenital malformations [10,11], which corresponds to a risk of approximately 2. Taking these global estimates as a benchmark suggests that children in the US face about 3 times the risk of death due to malformation in other countries. In practice, the extent to which these differences reflect differences in screening and termination policies rather than differences in medical care across states and countries is not clear; further research investigating the reach and effectiveness of early screening programs across countries and states will be needed to better understand these current gaps.

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With respect to actual health improvements, the area with the most obvious and ample room for increasing the chances of child survival is SUDIs. More than 3, infants died in the US each year between and due to causes that were—as the name suggests—not expected under normal conditions. This is perhaps most immediately obvious when it comes to accidental suffocation or strangulation in bed.

Over infants die in the US each year due to suffocation in bed; new strategies to convey optimal sleeping arrangements to parents will need to be developed maltraitance animale suisse anti aging tested to prevent these deaths. A large fraction of these deaths were attributed to SIDS, which has previously been estimated to cause 6.

Our results suggested SIDS incidence rates as low as 1. Evidence from European studies suggests that a large majority of SIDS deaths could historically be attributed to prone sleeping and maternal drug consumption [13].

Empirically, a large proportion of the state-level differences in mortality due to both SIDS and the broader SUDI category could be attributed to state-level differences in maternal age and maternal education. As shown in the more detailed regression results in S4 Table, maternal characteristics were highly predictive of these mortality outcomes. This suggests that mortality in this category is strongly influenced by maternal behavior and the early home environment, both of which should at least in principle be modifiable through targeted information and behavioral change interventions.

Our analysis is not without limitations.

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Second, it is possible that state-level estimates that we present may be biased if people move before or after birth. Third, as mentioned above, we do not have information on termination rates at the state level, which are likely to at least partially explain differences in birth outcomes observed.

While it seems likely that infant mortality rates would be higher without these terminations, our data do not allow us to directly quantify these differences.

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Last, it seems likely that some of the less common causes of death particularly in the ICD R and W categories are miscoded or coded differentially across states.

To reduce this type of measurement error, we grouped all SUDIs together for most of our analyses. Conclusion More than 7, children born alive at full-term in the US each year die within their first year of life. The results presented in this paper suggest that a substantial proportion of these deaths are preventable, with particularly large improvements possible for SUDI.

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